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SIL Program

What is the Supportive Independent Living Program?

The SafeGuards Specialized Foster Care Independent Living Program has been developed to assist older foster care youth in making a successful transition to living on their own. The Independent Living Program consists of two major programs: The Life Skills Program and the Supportive Housing Program. It is the belief of SafeGuards that youth learn responsibility and become more independent through having opportunities to make choices about their lives and by experiencing logical and natural consequences of their decisions. This type of learning is provided in an environment that is highly structured, while providing guidance, feedback and supportive services. This intensive program is designed to facilitate the offending youths successful integration into the community.

Supportive Housing Program

The Supportive Housing Program is a program that houses youth in their own living situation in Berks County. The goals of the Supportive Housing Program are to help young adults obtain and remain in permanent housing, increase their life skills through career development and/ or education attainment, increase independent living skills through agency support and achieve greater control over their own lives. The home houses up to three youth under the supervision of a life skills advisor. This housing situation is similar to the real-life living situations of young people sharing a home. A veteran youth serves as the head roommate.

Independent Living Skills Group

Life Skills groups are provided to all eligible Safe-Guards Foster Care clients, one time per week. After a Life Skills Assessment is completed, topics such as Housing, Money Management, Career Planning, Food Management and other core topic areas are provided in these groups and in hands-on activities.

Services Provided

  • Rent assistance in a client leased apartment
  • Weekly individual life skills counseling
  • Weekly group and individual therapy
  • Life skills/ support groups
  • Development and completion of an individual plan for independence
  • Referral to various community agencies
  • GED and other Educational Services
  • Life Skills
  • 24 Hour Access to Staff Assistance


  • Youth between the ages of 17 and 21
  • Youth who have successfully met the goals of the SafeGuards Foster          Care Program
  • Youth who have no return resources
  • Youth who are highly motivated and self directed
  • Youth must be gainfully employed at the time of entry
  • Youth agrees to voluntary entry