Pennsylvania Forensic Associates

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Adult Services


Pennsylvania Forensic Associates is an outpatient facility that specializes in the treatment of victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse.  The mission statement of Pennsylvania Forensic Associates is the prevention of sexual victimization.  Pennsylvania Forensic Associates had been formed to assist in the sex offender’s recovery within the community while reducing the risk of re-offending.  In addition, we wish to coordinate intervention between the criminal justice system, the legal field, the treatment community, and case management.  Specifically, we wish to assist in the education of judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, parole and probation officers, therapists and caseworkers to help them understand the special nature of appropriate sex offender treatment.  Also, we have attempted to identify professional assessment and treatment providers in order to provide the entire criminal justice community and other appropriate professionals with this knowledge.


Pennsylvania Forensic Associates conducts Forensic Assessments on individuals who have been accused of sexual misconduct.  The purpose of this evaluation is an attempt to determine if an individual has committed the alleged sexual offenses and to make recommendations as to the disposition of these cases.  These evaluations can be conducted as a part of presenting investigations or may be conducted at the request of a defense attorney, County/State Probation and Parole, Children and Youth Services, or the District Attorney’s office.

This evaluation is a three-part process that consists of the following:

1) A detailed clinical interview at which time a developmental history is obtained and specifics of the allegations are identified

2) Personality Assessment: Each individual undergoes extensive personality assessment which may include one or all of the following tests: Million Multiaxial Clinical Inventory-III Minnesota MultiPhasic Personality Inventory, the Abel/Becker Inventory, the Locus of Control Inventory, Beck Inventory of Depression, Abel Assessment of Sexual Inventory, HARE Psychopathy Checklist, and an age appropriate risk assessment

3) The third part of the evaluation consists of a clinical polygraph evaluation which is designed to validate the statement of the individual interviewed.

Clinical Polygraph

The purpose of the clinical polygraph is not to identify previous victims but rather to establish the veracity of the individual charged and to make determinations as to whether this individual could or should be treated in the community setting.  If previous victims are determined, there is no attempt made to identify these victims nor are they used to influence the court’s decision about the current impending charges.

Services Offered

  • Adult Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Violence Prevention Evaluation
  • Fire Setter Evaluation
  • Non Offending Parent Evaluation
  • Drug & Alcohol Evaluation
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Competency Evaluation
  • Psychiatric Evaluation

Ongoing Services

  • Individual Therapy
  • Spousal Session (Domestic Violence)
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • In Office Parenting Education