Pennsylvania Forensic Associates

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Adolescent Services

Outpatient Services

Currently, outpatient adolescent services are provided at the Reading and Bethlehem office locations. PFA utilizes a basic “cognitive behavioral approach” to both adolescent and adult treatment. This approach is premised on the fact that deviant sexual behaviors are learned through a social conditioning process and sustained through deviant cognitive processes and behaviors that are self-reinforcing. PFA approach is respectfully confrontational, particularly with individuals who are resistant to change and/or fail to comply with treatment recommendations. It also reflects our position that sex offenders have committed a crime and generally do not suffer from depression or other emotional problems.

To participate in our outpatient program, PFA first needs a referral. Then PFA will conduct an assessment from which recommendations for treatment will be provided.

Detention Center Services

PFA provides treatment, training and consultation services to staff and selected specialized residents of the Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center, these specialized residents include sex offenders, fire setters, violent youth, as well as youth previously unsuccessful in other treatment programs.  Located in Easton, Pa.This innovative program consists of a thirty day diagnostic and evaluation followed by an additional thirty to sixty day regime of individual and group treatment, Vicarious Sensitization , family counseling and psychiatric services as needed.

Consultation is also provided to detention center staff as needed and regularly scheduled training is provided on a variety of subjects concerning treatment and management of the juvenile offenders.

Assessments and recommendations are offered for delinquent youth in other county detention centers as well.

SafeGuards Program

The SafeGuards program is a unique, full continuum of foster care services, designed to treat sexualized children and adolescents who cannot remain with or return to their legal family.

Referrals are accepted from residential treatment facilities, juvenile detention centers, traditional foster care placements, and legal families. Our homes are not designed to meet the needs of clients requiring acute inpatient treatment such as restraints or seclusion, but we will accept clients in post-acute status.

Founded by Susan E. Kraus, PH.D., and Robert W. Gill, Ed.D., the SafeGuards program has evolved from more than 30 years of experience in counseling children who are sexual abuse victims and/or offenders. The program is individualized and intensive, and firmly incorporates the principles of Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ).